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Spring-summer collection

COMING SOON – sustainable bags and backpacks NEW COLLECTION

Spring-summer collection

The 01 (A) collection of bags and backpacks is inspired by geometric shapes and all those colors present in nature.

Summer 2022 is tinged with green, burnt shades and pastel colors.

Colors that evoke in the common imagination a feeling of well-being and calm, defeating the uncertainty and fear caused by this delicate period.

A message of strength and hope. In fact, it is important to underline the message that the choice of one color rather than another wants to give.

Bright and bold colours, which recall summer carefreeness, but also sweet and gentle, reflective, introspective colours. White, first of all colors, which represents peace, purification, a new beginning.

The sensations of white refer to purity, encourage order.

Old pink, which expresses sweetness, kindness, femininity, refinement, calm and tenderness, is often associated with the color of flowers. Sugar paper, which symbolizes the regenerative capacity of the mind.

The burnt shades, a clear reference to the colors of the earth.

tutti i nostri prodotti sono realizzati con una mentalità eco sostenibile recuperando pellami e tessuti di prima qualità che sarebbero rimasti in magazzino.